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YouDeserveThis Makeover and Photoshoot for two -

YouDeserveThis Makeover and Photoshoot for two -

"The experience and process of accepting yourself -is being kind to yourself- and to those who love you. Seeing yourself in a different light is something every woman should experience – to have a picture of yourself that you LOVE is an amazing feeling.  I highly recommend it!

Caroline, 40 Life Coach and Mentor

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Complimentary Consult - all your questions answered..

General Questions

So, what happens at the pre consultation?

We love meeting our clients in person whenever possible, it's lovely to get to know each other before your portrait and makeover session. If this is not possible, we do the next best thing and meet online using Skype or Apple FaceTime video calling. We get to see each other prior and it's so much more friendly than the plain old telephone.

Personal Styling and Clothing Consultation before every Makeover and Photoshoot with You Deserve This

Personal Styling and Clothing Consultation before every Makeover and Photoshoot with You Deserve This

We use our pre-consultation together, to find out how you would like to be photographed and what you would love to wear to your portrait and makeover session.

You will have filled out our online pre-consultation questionnaire, which we will send you when we book your session. We expand on the styles you choose, exploring clothing you would love to photographed in. 

Maybe you have a dress that you never get a chance to wear, but you would really like to use for your portrait session. Maybe you have something that's too see through or too short to wear out, but you would love to be photographed wearing it. 

We talk about necklines, sleeve styles, jewellery and accoutrement. We talk about where to clothes shop, cheeky raiding of your friends wardrobes and borrowing clothes and the possibility of hiring something special for the occasion.

We also chat about the dresses and various accoutrement we have in our Studio wardrobe, that we can add, to whatever you bring with you. We give advice on nail, skin and hair preparation, things to think about before your portrait and makeover session.

We love to get to know you and understand a bit more about who you are, your personality and life experiences. This enables us to understand you and your character better, which helps us create your beautiful portraits.

We want to encourage you to feel comfortable in your own skin. We often find that our clients carry feelings that they don't feel good enough, think they are too big, wrong shape, too old. They usually tell us in the first few minutes, what they don't like about themselves.

Being photographed can be one of the most vulnerable things a woman can experience. Our job is not to counter all your self criticism about your physical attributes, but to listen and ensure that we pose, direct and photograph you with care, to discreetly make those attributes look gorgeous when captured in your portraits. The best part of our job is helping you to relax and letting your inner beauty shine, so you can see yourself, as others see you, with love.

You don't need to be nervous with us, we are here to take care of you and empower you, through the process of creating gorgeous portraits you will love. We know what beautiful looks like and how to bring a woman's beauty to the fore and capture it.

Kate Bartolotta wrote a really interesting article, which mirrors how most of our clients feel and what we see when we pose and direct them.

"Everything you’ve experienced is stored in your body at a cellular level. Each cell is a record of all of it.
I’ve felt it in your skin. Being born. Being held. The time you fell off your bike and weren’t that hurt but very scared. That brutal sunburn on your shoulders at 14.
The time you fell out of a tree and broke your collarbone. The first time you felt deeply loved. The person who hurt you so badly you thought you were broken for good.
Your muscles remember it. They remember it like it happened 10 minutes ago.
Your successes hold your shoulders high. Your losses pull your chest inward. You hold your sadness in your throat, your anger in your jaw and your fear in your belly. Your happiness rises and falls in your chest. Love rolls in and out on the tides of your breath. It’s all there, all the time. 
That thing you’re embarrassed about? That you don’t want anyone to see? That you tense up and hold your breath over? The part of you that you wish were different? It’s okay. Let Go. Enjoy it. It’s part of what makes you so beautiful.
Your weight is the least interesting thing about you. I promise.
Your skin, however, is fascinating. Every line, every freckle, every scar tells the amazing stories of your life. Please don't Botox, bleach or sand it all away. They’re all beautiful".

Full article here

We so love Kate's articles and this one really touches all that we see and hear, whilst creating beautiful portraits of the women we are lucky enough to meet.

"We are passionate about creating gorgeous transformation portraits for women, of all ages, that leave them feeling beautiful and empowered."

Michelle and Charlie Silverlock - YouDeserveThis

What happens on the day of my makeover and photoshoot experience?

This is a pamper session for women of all ages.

When you arrive we show you around the Studio and facilities and introduce you to everyone. After taking your before image, we settle you down with a drink and make sure you are comfortable.

Then we talk to our makeup artist/stylist together and plan out your 3/4 looks for your portrait session. There will be some subtle changes with makeup, to compliment your clothing choices and we discuss this with our make up artist/stylist beforehand.

You can choose to watch and learn from our makeup artist as she transforms you ready for your photo shoot OR to relax and enjoy the pampering, some women love to anticipate the 'reveal' and can get very emotional about how beautiful they look. Tissues are always on hand - just in case.  We ask you to sign your model release whilst relaxing during your makeover.

Feel like a Film Star... enjoy your wonderful transformation with our team.

Feel like a Film Star... enjoy your wonderful transformation with our team.

Then we head to the climate controlled Studio set and start your photoshoot.

We know ourselves that it's not natural to most people, to be photographed professionally.

We take away any worry by providing full posing and direction throughout your portrait session.

Gentle direction is given, right down to facial expressions, so you can relax and we can capture the real you, with real expressions. Trust us, we know what beautiful looks like and know how to capture it.

What is included with the Makeover and Portrait experience?

When you book a makeover experience with YouDeserveThis, you receive a styling and clothing consultation at least a week or two before the date of your booked session. - see above for details. This is in person or if this is not possible, we meet using video calling on Skype or Apple FaceTime.

On the day, you are pampered, with an hour to an hour and a half, of makeup and hair styling. Then you experience a professional photoshoot with our team, attending to your hair and makeup, to ensure you look your best throughout your portrait session.

If you have shared your portrait and makeover session with a friend, friends, partner or family then we capture a few portraits of you together at the end.

Make sure you book to go out that day or evening, as you will look and feel gorgeous!

We will then select the best images from your portrait session and enhance them, so you look your best beautiful.

A Viewing and Ordering session is included.

When do I get to see my photographs?

You will get to see your images beautifully printed, mounted and matted at our Studio 2 to 3 weeks after your session - watch Natalie's Reveal Video for a behind the scenes look. This is often a wonderfully emotional experience as women see their beautiful transformation portraits for the first time.

This is one of the best parts – so please feel free to bring as many family members or a friend or two, as you would like.

What kind of investment do most people make?

Most of our clients who choose to invest anywhere from £195 to £995 at their ordering sessions. However, everyone’s needs are different.

Pricing and Product

Read our Portrait Guide or our Pricing Page for details about investment in your gorgeous portraits.

Womens Portraits UK

Womens Portraits UK

"I loved the experience so much, even if I had not have liked the portraits, it still would have been worth it. Seeing the portraits professionally printed and mounted was the icing on the cake. I love my portraits" Caroline
Quality, custom photography by a specially-trained portrait artist is not for everyone, and takes an enormous amount of time and creative commitment to produce your beautiful portraits. We are considerably lower priced than the London makeover experience studios and provide a much greater level of personal service.

We are priced in order to continue the premier service we provide to our valued clients. For example, there are discount stores, department stores and boutiques. We are the “boutique” of photography studios, with a fine art product and service that comes from a devotion, to providing you with such a memorable and wonderful experience with portraits to treasure.

We want to be your photographers over and over again, throughout your life's event and stories. We build friendships with our clients, which makes what we do such a pleasurable experience.


Luxury Handcrafted Folio Box

There is no obligation to buy anything. We are not a hard sell photography studio, it's just not our style. Our job is to get to know you and create beautiful portraits that you will love. We will professionally print, mount and matt your photographs, ready for you to choose at your Reveal Session. We print your photographs on archival quality paper and inks, giving your images an archival life of 75 to 100 years. 

You can purchase each mounted and matted photograph individually or as a collection of 5, 10 or 15 photographs, presented to you in a 16 x12 inch beautifully handcrafted Folio Box. Your Folio Box is the perfect way to keep your cherished portraits in pristine condition. Our clients use their Folio box to share their photographs with loved ones, much like an album. Our clients place their photographs straight in to their favourite frames, as they are mounted and matted, this is very easy.

Every photograph you buy comes with the corresponding digital file for your personal use. You will receive a high resolution version for printing and a web ready version that is compressed, so it can be used on your website or social media.

Where is your studio - directions

Our YouDeserveThis Studio is in Tadley, near Basingstoke, Hampshire, England. Our customers come from all over the UK to experience our YouDeserveThis makeover photoshoots. Our Studio is by appointment only. Please contact us to arrange an appointment, we really look forward to speaking with you soon.